Pic of Katie

Katie Albers
Founder and Principal Consultant

In September 1993, I began working with the Human Factors and informational aspects of an 8 month old Internet client called "NCSA Mosaic" - the first in-line graphics-capable web browser. I was one of 20 students in the brand new Georgia Tech Master's program in Information Design and Technology and that tool changed our goals, the program, and the world.
Throughout the ensuing years I retained my central interest in Human Factors concentrating on its application in web development.
Human Factors in that arena went through name changes, definition changes, expansions, and contractions. It finally brought me to my understanding of UX as central to business strategy and the borders of practice in the field.

Who We Serve

firstthought works with 4 types of businesses:

  • Established enterprises that use UX, but have been disappointed in the value it has provided;
  • Startups that are not ready to hire a UX staff, but understand the need for integrating the practice;
  • Companies that are having trouble hiring the needed UX staff;
  • Solo entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to make sure their sites attract their target market.

Customer Focused

You get more customers when your product not only does what it's supposed to do, but does it in a way that pleases your customers. firstthought can help you hit this target by working with you to optimize your current products, and planning how to integrate good UX into your products from the start.

Business Centered

Happy customers are all well and good, but first the product has to serve the business. You need to know you're hitting the right market with the right tool at the right time. firstthought works with you to define and incorporate your business' needs to make sure that the UX fits in to your plans.

Strategy Directed

As Michael Lurie, CEO of Blue Mine Group, says "Strategy is a design discipline." Incorporating a user experience that meets customers' desires and business needs plays a critical role in the strategy for the success of your business. A multi-faceted strategy incorporating UX is a key firstthought goal.