Heuristic Evaluations are expert reviews of the elements of a page, everything from "Is it spelled right" to "Do links behave as they're supposed to" and "Are there design choices that will create negative responses in users". Because users are not involved, these should be seen as bases for what to check further. Task Analyses follow the process of a task through various pages, looking for points of difficulty.

Please note that although your site may technically be a single page, if it is set up as having separate navigable areas then each of those areas will be considered as a page. If you have any confusion about how that will affect a review of a site, call or email and we'll happily clarify what it would mean in your situation.

Evaluations and analyses are also available as part of a Retained Services arrangement.

Heuristic Evaluation
Home Page

Home pages are any pages that are designed as a point of entry into your site. They pose many issues in addition to those of the standard content page: Can the offering be understood by customers who have reached the page; does the layout provide clear and understandable access to other areas of the site, does the design serve the business and many more.

Cost: $495

Heuristic Evaluation
Content Page

A content page is also sometimes referred to as an interior page. This review reveals issues with terminology, information architecture, navigation, content definition problems and problems with the content, itself. Only the page(s) specified will be reviewed, but those under review will be checked for consistency across the site and placement in the flow of information.

Cost: $480/page

Task Flow

Often, users encounter many pages in their journey to perform a single task. This service traces that path, analyzes where users may be waylaid or confused, as well as the performance of the final action. The task flow analysis covers a multitude of issues: terminology, path clarity, cognitive cues, layout, appropriateness of form elements, and others.

Cost: $995/task