Workshops are a fast way for you to gain an initial understanding of important aspects of how to use UX to provide the maximum benefit to your business. Each is available as a week-long course, a single day overview, or 3-day exploration. Talks allow you to get information faster, but at a less detailed level and with less interaction.

Training is also available as part of a Retained Services arrangement.

Hiring the Right UX People

for Executives and HR Professionals

One of the most frequently heard UX complaints is that it's nearly impossible to hire skilled UX staff. Among seasoned UX professionals one of the most frequently heard complaints is that there are no real UX jobs.

Solving this mismatch will vastly affect the usefulness and positive impact of your UX efforts.

This workshop will walk you through the process of defining what staff you need, what to expect, and where to find the candidates.

Integrating UX into Development

for Executives, Managers, and HR Professionals

Integrating UX into a development process poses issues of timing, organizational structure, and influence. This workshop will help you work through those issues to come up with a logical, productive solution.

Hiring the UX Professional for HR and Recruiters

Killing the Unicorn

This is a 4 hour workshop intended as an introduction to UX hiring starting with the myths that surround UX and make hiring more difficult.

We then proceed to how to describe actual UX jobs and where to find professionals to fill those positions.

Finally, we work on the particular problems of some of those attending.

This differs from the other workshops I offer in that it is more of an interactive talk than a straight workshop. It can be especially useful to recruiters who recruit in this field but who want clarity on the definitions and why they're facing difficulties finding suitable candidates.

Recruiting companies often find it useful to offer this twice as a two-part series where the first concentrates on the point of view of the Client Company, and the second on the Candidate.

Limit: 25 attendees

Fee: $300 per person must be paid in advance and is non-refundable.


  • All engagements require 50% paid in advance and 50% due immediately on completion.
  • On site costs do not include all usual travel costs which are the responsibility of the client
  • Workshops are billed per person/time period with a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 12.

  • Workshop 1-3 Days

    per person per day

  • Week-long Workshop

    per person per week

  • Talks

    flat fee