Why Contract for Retained Services?

Often you will find yourself with recurring needs; one day you need an interface tested; 2 months later you determine that a development process is not working as expected and none of what's been tried seems to be solving the problem; 6 weeks after that, the UX Manager you hired with firstthought's help needs freelance or permanent staff; and throughout the year you find yourself with myriad small questions, and so on. Also, it is often a good idea to have a regularly scheduled check in to review current status and confirm it or make necessary tweaks. There are myriad ways in which a familiar but external eye can be useful to a business.

How Does It Work?

Call firstthought and we can discuss what services will be available on what basis in what period of time. Once the scope of work is clearly defined, we can discuss payment terms. Please note that there will always be a payment in advance and that any needed travel expenses are additional. Keep in mind that retaining our services offers a significant savings.