Start up or Fortune 10, an enterprise has UX needs and faces UX-based issues. These may be located anywhere across the organization and if solved carelessly, often raise other dilemmas. UX must be done right or the problems be solved properly. To do so you will need to have a considered and carefully hired UX staff or plan. UX can raise your adoption rate and positive referral rate, while lowering support costs and cost/sale, ultimately increasing ROI. To maximize the benefits of UX you must either consult an expert or be incredibly lucky. firstthought's offerings are designed to give you the best possible UX results within a short period of time at low cost. This special offer is the first stage of those.

The Prescription

For New Companies and Companies with Unsatisfactory UX Processes

Wherever your enterprise is in its history and development it will benefit from planning the optimum integration of good UX practices into its processes. To determine that, these are some of the critical questions we'll be asking:

Problems with getting the most from UX usually appear in at least one of five places:

  • How does your company currently function?
  • What is its culture?
  • What do you do?
  • Where should UX live inside your corporate structure?
  • How can UX serve your product, service, and technology needs?

The UX Prescription examines your organization, your placement of UX within the organization, its integration, how it's defined and implemented, and where is it breaking down.

  • What are its lines of responsibility and reporting?
  • Who do you hire and how do you find them?
  • What do you call your UX positions?
  • What do these people do?
  • What should they do?

The Process

We will examine your existing or proposed corporate structure, interview executives and staff across the organization, and determine what they expect, what they are excited about, and what they are less than excited about. In addition, we investigate software and other tools currently available in your company with an eye to integrating and acquiring anything that may be needed.

Next, given your culture, we begin to define work to be done and benefits to be gained by a defined UX presence: What positions will need to be created, How to fill them, and How to fit define the practice and fit it into the existing processes. This becomes the plan for the next stage.

For the special, all these analyses and hiring plans will be at a very early stage of development, intended as the jumping off point for a full engagement.

The Deliverable

In most cases, you will receive a document that defines your current status and a preliminary plan for hiring, integration of UX staff and practices, and any areas that may need additional attention. Normally, this document will include:

  • - An analysis of what UX positions you need with job descriptions;
  • - A plan for how UX serves the various parts of the organization;
  • - A list of existing staff who know how to take advantage of UX;
  • - A plan for necessary software;
  • - A preliminary proposed process for the inclusion of UX in normal development and other processes.

When this study is finished, you will know what you need to develop an integrated UX process, ready to improve your ROI, and what team you need to put in place.


  • Special Only: Total of 1494.00-10%=$1340.00 -- $650 paid on order, $690 to be paid immediately on completion.
  • Travel and related costs incurred for Special Offer are not included and will be paid by the client
  • General Engagements: All engagements require 50% paid in advance, 25% due on acceptance of the plan, 25% due on immediately on completion.
  • Travel and related costs are not included and are the responsibility of the client.
  • Refunds are available only if firstthought is unable to meet the client's schedule.
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