Design Thinking is a strong tool in the quest for innovation and creativity. Although it began life used in product definition and creation, the years have revealed it is also an extraordinary and revelatory tool in determining strategy, defining processes, managing change, and many of the other aspects of business needs.

A whiteboard, notebooks, post its, comfy chairs and many tables, combined with a group of people with diverse and uncommon backgrounds whose fields may or may not have apparent connection to the issue under consideration, guided to play together, cooperate, work in tandem, alone, or as a group can yield revelatory solutions to intractable problems. firstthought will provide the guidance, the affirmation and the leading questions, you provide the problems and the tools.

Sessions can usefully last for as long as a week, or be as short as a single day, depending on the issue under consideration. Generally, sessions are most productive when they last at least 3 days.

Most clients find that they want to initiate regular design thinking sessions since the time expended leads to higher productivity, better products, marketing, and strategies. We will happily arrange a plan for you to pursue this process long term as a Retained Service. Give us a call and we can discuss details.

As with all of our services, these are also available as part of a Retained Services arrangement and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


  • All engagements require 50% paid in advance and 50% due immediately on completion.
  • On site costs do not include all usual travel costs which are the responsibility of the client
  • The number of participants is limited to 25

  • Day

  • 3 Days

  • Week