Al Logiodice

Senior eCommerce Business Consultant/SME -- CapGemini

I was Katie's manager at Epson America, and hired her to lead a major redesign of the checkout section of our e-store. At the time, we had a high rate of abandonment as well as other significant user experience flaws; additionally, there was no internal consensus on an action plan. Katie's vast knowledge of e-commerce, social media, usability, online branding, customer care, etc., enabled her to quickly establish credibility with our key business stakeholders. She proposed and built consensus for short-term action plans and a long-term roadmap to create a significantly better and more effective overall user experience. She also worked very well with our technical teams, in large part because she also understood how systems get built.

Ultimately, this project was canceled for reasons beyond Katie's control. However, she impressed many people (including myself) with her incredible depth of knowledge, and her ability to apply this knowledge to our business problems and opportunities. She took ownership of her assignments, and showed terrific leadership abilities when corralling people of various skills, responsibilities, and viewpoints to move her assignments forward. She worked very well with people at all levels, and was wonderful to work with in all respects. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Katie again.

James Marzano

UX Director
Opera Software

I worked with Katie for several years while at c2o/EDS. Katie is an exceptional team lead and would be a valuable UX lead/manager at any organization. When I hired Katie, I expected her to have a diverse skill-set in UX, and that certainly proved true. What was surprising however in working with Katie were her notable managerial skills. As consultants at EDS, our projects always involved working with outside companies, people, and locations. Bringing these diverse people together behind a design vision can be a challenge and constraint. It is as much a part of UX as our design skills. Katie has the ability to know the political landscape and how it affects a UX team. She can work within the constraints companies work within, while not compromising the design, or the team. She has the ability to foresee potential road bumps for teams, make adjustments, and steer them in a better direction, keeping projects on time and on budget. Katie's skills in this area are unique, valuable, and those that you can't list on a resume but at the end of the day make all the difference.

Victor Brilon

Director of Product Management

Katie is one of the smartest, most experienced, and nicest UX/HCI professionals that I've ever worked with. Her insightfulness into how people use computers, combined with her seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm, made her a valuable resource in every project she was involved in. She possesses a unique combination of tactical execution skills, which are focused around a laser sharp strategic vision and understanding of the problems she's solving.

I had the pleasure of working with Katie at EDS. In spite of the restrictive large-company culture that was pervasive in our organization, Katie managed to inject a spirit of an enthusiastic start-up into the groups she worked with. She understood how to work within the constraints of a huge company, but also intuitively understood how to not be restricted by it.

Susan Farrell

Senior User Experience Specialist - Nielsen/Norman Group

Katie's encyclopedic knowledge, technical history, and experience across many industries means she brings more to the table than most people ever will. As a user experience strategist and business analyst, she quickly detects the core issues and presents practical solutions in language appropriate to the audience. Her quick wit, strong ethics and deep empathy make her an asset in tricky situations. I've worked with Katie in several capacities since 1992 and she remains one of my most important advisers today. I would love to work with her again.

Baron Lane

Senior Interaction Designer
Capital One

Katie is a passionate visionary and user experience leader. Not only does she know all things “UX” – She is a smart lady who you feel comfortable talking to, about - anything.

Matt Offield

Creative Director
Velodea Group

Katie always impressed with her tenacity, passion and ability to achieve excellence in any project.
She was invaluable in defining the strategic goals and steering the creative process towards a successful conclusion. And she is an absolute joy to work with!

Patti Wilson

Global Career Management
Career Company

Katie is simply the best I have met at user interface, usability and the user experience. She just gets it and others are blind to the problems. She consulted to my website every step of the way to ensure that the site was not just beautifully designed but functional, and that visitors could use it and enjoy their experience. I learned so much about the user experience that I feel like I got a free training along with a website. She is fun, sardonically funny and incredibly wise as well. I would hire her again in a New York minute.

Michael Harding

Manager Converged Infrastructure Marketing

Katie had deep GUI/HCI expertise, a broad technical perspective and a pleasant personality that made working with her always valuable and enjoyable.

Betsey West

Senior Engineer at Fabless Labs

Katie's technical skills and user experience knowledge and experience are second to none. She is a joy to work with, and I would do so again in a heartbeat.

Laura Russell

Front-End Developer & Web Designer

Katie Albers is a conscientious, organized, effective, and humorous U.I. Engineer and Project Manager. I had the pleasure of working with Katie in rolling out the Mary-Margaret Network website. Without her valuable input, the variable tasks at hand would have been unmanageable and undeliverable. Thanks to Katie for making it easy!